This might seem like a strange, random photo.
It’s not the photo itself but the view it represents why I share.
I’m not exaggerating or being dramatic when I say this time last year I had accepted that this view was an impossibility.
The view of my son enjoying the outside and the sun while I’m out mowing or doing yard work.
The view of my son just sitting and playing out in the yard felt like a pipe dream.
My son, who at times must feel isolated because he can’t crawl or play as a typical baby boy would.
My son who puts in the work nearly daily to be able to do things that we as parents and adults take for granted.
Just sitting there in front of me under his own strength and power. On his blanket, playing with his bubbles thanks to an adaptive button.
Sometimes just the emotional weight can hit and bring a tear to my eye.
Our path is not like others. We’ve gone through multiple castings, hip surgery, and countless hours of therapy for moments like this. Moments Harrison can enjoy on his own.
The things Harrison can do. The things Jenna and I go through. (The things Jenna does on the daily!) Most people will dismiss or write it off.
And that’s ok.
Because of moments like this.
These random moments that remind me where we’ve come, the distances we’ve traveled (literally and metaphorically), and all we’ve endured in just the last 13 months have been all for him.
For him to have moments like this.

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