We made our second visit to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Lexington, for HG’s first cast change, along with his first set of splints on his hands/wrists.

Not only that, we had our first official bath!

I have to admit; I was amazed at how straight his legs stayed once the casts were removed. I had expected them to immediately pull back to where they were last week. We could also see movement and flexibility in his knees! This time three weeks ago, I was convinced I’d never see that sight. I’m not letting myself become too optimistic. I’m not getting ahead of myself and doing my best to remain grounded, but I am truly amazed at the things we’re already seeing/experiencing.

As for the actual casting; I will not harp on our doctor again, I’ll start sounding like a broken record after only two visits. All I’m going to say is this: when you’re in the middle of applying my son’s casts for the second time, don’t say you’ll need to go look at his chart once you’re done. Just don’t. Because if you do, I’m going to want to question you why you weren’t looking at my son’s chart prior to coming in and treating him.

If there was an award for maintaining composure, I promise you I earned it in spades at that moment.

If there was ever a doctor that it felt like they were phoning it in, we have her.

Thankfully, the bad and infuriating begins and ends with our doctor. Everyone else we’ve encountered up to this point have been wonderful. Speaking of, we finally met with OT for HG’s first set of splints, and I can’t imagine a more pleasant experience.

So to Sara, thank you!

As for our new splints; they were fabricated out of a thermoplastic material (plastic which is heated to allow it to mold easily) molded directly on his wrists. Splints hold the joint in one position to allow a prolonged stretch. We are first focused on getting his wrist to a neutral position and will gradually build towards working on his thumbs and fingers.

Little man is taking all this like a champ, and amazingly enough, he doesn’t seem to be in much discomfort compared to last week with the first set of casts.

So onto week 2 of casts, and week 1 of splints!!

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