Time is a funny thing. It can feel like it zooms by or crawls for us at moments of joy or stress. Despite how it feels like time can completely stop at times, it’s always moving forward. Always. It is always there. A constant presence. It is the one process in the universe that cannot be reversed. Time is relative.

Einstein knew that.

So when you find yourself, say in a window of 2 months where your world gets turned upside down, backward, and inside out, time may feel inconsequential. The thing with time though is it never leaves, it never waivers. It’s there.

Time is waiting there for you once you come out of your 2-month haze. Despite how it hasn’t felt like it. How you’ve not really been perceiving it, you realize that time has still been moving. In the blink of an eye, two months have passed, and with having a newborn, 2 months makes a big ole difference!

Now that we’ve pulled our heads out of the proverbial void of doom, it’s coming to light just how much we’ve inadvertently skipped or passed over in the past few months. Even more apparent is how much we’re now having to catch up. (Really, it’s rather funny considering.)

Since HG has had his casts removed and can now get into the water, we’ve realized how unprepared we were for this development. We did not have a tub for him or a seat for our tub. Anything for the pool, anything water-related. It was easier than I care to admit looking over these things. We knew we could not give him a bath. We hoped we’d be able to sooner rather than later, but bath time was still an unknown. The fear of the unknown is a powerful deterrent from planning or preparing ahead.

This unpreparedness doesn’t end with water-related paraphernalia though. We have only a handful of sleepers. Even less if you account for ones that zip up. Sleepers and sleepers with feet were something that, even a month ago, felt like we’d never need for him. With his casts, he couldn’t wear things that covered his legs or had feet because we couldn’t fit things over them. Now with his AFOs getting to sleep all snuggled up in a sleeper is a nightly thing.

To this point, we have mainly been focused on solitary points in time. Where we’re at in “this moment”. We’ve been doing our best to avoid looking ahead or performing any type of prognosticating because of all the unknowns. Because of being focused on the now, and our situation in a given moment, we’ve failed in ways to be properly prepared for just having a ten-week-old boy. So here’s to finding a bath seat, breaking out the bath pad, buying sleepers, and finding out what other things we’ve yet to procure.

In this instance, not being completely prepared isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. A great thing!

With time, great things will come.

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