Another year, another beach vacation!

Unlike last year’s trip to Destin, Florida, this year we found ourselves at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Funny enough, the first five hours of our drive to the beach follow the same route we take when we make our Greenville visits. So the trip down was rather boring and uneventful. We took advantage of familiarity and made a quick stop at our favorite city, which to me, started the trip off right.

Similar to last year, the soothing sounds of the beach proved to be a battle for Harrison. Thankfully, he could maintain consciousness longer this year so that he could play in the ocean and sand, however, those calming sounds of the waves crashing in and a light breeze proved to be the perfect combination for some on the beach naps in his new tent. (Which set up in the living room before we left was his new favorite thing!)

The beach proved to be a mix of grief and joy. Harrison can’t hold a shovel, so there were no poorly constructed sand castles created by his own hands and no running after him as he chased the waves. Personally, I had high hopes of him being able to stand on his own, even just for a moment, and have that moment captured before we start Mehta casting for his scoliosis next week, and will, I’m sure, take steps back.

I could never bring myself to buy a sand bucket or sand toys before our trip. I only ever grabbed one for our last two days on the beach. It was hard, and after buying the small set, I had to sit in the car and cry. It hit me harder than I had expected it to. However, regardless of anything else, after seeing my son enjoying the beach, I wanted to give him an opportunity to at least kick a few sandcastles down before we headed home.

But we celebrated some amazing achievements! Our boy sat in the waves by himself without being knocked over, and he could stand assisted on the sand without his AFOs. He loved the water and watching the waves come in. He showed no fear as the wave came crashing onto him, splashing him in the face. With him being able to sit in the sand, it allowed him to rake his fingers through it plus push around the soft sand and splash in the water with his feet. And of course, his mom’s favorite thing lately: his baby man bun!!

It may not be the vacation we dreamt of in our heads a few years ago, but it’s a vacation all the same. It proved milestones for our baby boy as he continues to grow, get stronger, and find his way in this world.

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