To My Six-Month-Old Son

Happy six months, son! And with that said, that’s all I have come up with to write to you prior to sitting down. It’s crazy to think about, and hard to believe that six months have already passed since that week we spent in the NICU. It’s even harder to process all the things that …

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Five Months and Counting

We’ve officially made it to the 5-month mark! We crammed a decent amount of things into the last month, including HG’s second hike and third waterfall, his first trip to the beach, fireworks, new AFOs, his first cold, watching Masters of the Universe with Daddy, and his first soccer game. He falls asleep at the …

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Celebrating Tiny Movements

Super HG  To watch your child’s arms laying limply at their side is its own kind of heartbreak. Something about them void of movement is just soul-crushing in a way. Everyone can’t wait for that moment that their newborn wraps their chubby little hand around your finger, but we were not blessed with that moment. …

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First Trip to the Beach

Our first beach trip as a family of five is officially in the books! Our week in Destin, Florida is complete, a while it was great to be at the beach and with the kids for seven straight days, it’s good to be home! I could sit here and write about how exceptional a car …

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AMC Awareness Day

Today is AMC Awareness Day. It’s a curious thing, having a child with a condition that has a day that is dedicated to its awareness. What’s even more curious, is your child having a condition that is rare enough that the day dedicated to its awareness was only declared 12 years ago, and currently lacks national recognition. …

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Learning to be a special needs dad

I admit openly that before HG, I never considered the possibility that I’d ever be a special needs dad. I’m not sure if that came from selfishness, naivety, or a combination of the two. Fact is, it never crossed my mind. It was never a “what if?” scenario. It’s fair to say I was painfully unprepared for this role and in ways still be underplaying …

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