Super HG 🦸🏼‍♂️
To watch your child’s arms laying limply at their side is its own kind of heartbreak. Something about them void of movement is just soul-crushing in a way. Everyone can’t wait for that moment that their newborn wraps their chubby little hand around your finger, but we were not blessed with that moment.
Harrison’s hands became my obsession for the first couple of months. His legs were in casts, so all I could think about were his arms, hands, and fingers. I worked them constantly while binge-watching Dawson’s Creek to keep my mind distracted. (Team Pacey!!)
Michael caught me staring at other babies ’ hands entirely too many times. I’ve cried after overhearing a mother chastise her baby for pulling her hair. What I wouldn’t give for HG to give mine a tug!
We have celebrated each twitch of a finger and a slight bend of the wrist. Our milestones are different, but this boy is moving mountains whilst being so determined to get his hands to his mouth. 💚


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