Who knew wrinkles would be such a welcomed sight?!

Wrinkles that we all have, that you never think about, like on your elbows, fingers, wrists, and knees, HG has never had.

HG has been missing wrinkles on most of his joints because of a lack of movement within the womb. That movement gives us these natural wrinkles. When he was born, he only had a few faint lines on his fingers and a couple of deep ones on his knees from the movement he had while I was pregnant. But mostly his body was missing this looked over, but important wrinkles.

Now we are celebrating the tiny lines forming across his body. Continuing to deepen as he kicks his legs and slowly begins wiggling his fingers. His palms, once void of lines, now look normal in the best way. Michael and I are creating wrinkles by constantly stretching and working HG joints, all while hoping that those micro-movements he works so hard to do become larger and easier for him.

Celebrating the signs of hard work beginning to form. The tiny miracles that show progress!

Although, we won’t be celebrating the wrinkles that HG has given us over the last 11 weeks!


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