Things take time, and no two children are on the same path.

It is something I SHOULD remember, but I’m constantly having to remind myself of this.

For the past 2 years, shopping with Harrison has been a bit arduous, we’ll say.

Rather, due to casting, or him simply being unable to sit in a shopping cart under his own power, we’ve carried him the majority of the time we’ve been out shopping.

The few times we attempted to sit him in the shopping cart, we had to support him with blankets, jackets, or stuffed animals, as he was very unsteady and unable to hold himself up.

I found myself jealous many times, of parents that passed with their babies and toddlers sitting in shopping carts like we all envision and are familiar with. There have been plenty of times in the past two years that I’ve walked out of a store after shopping, simply feeling deflated. Babies can sit in shopping carts once they’re able to sit up on their own. We’re talking 6-7 months, and I was walking around having to carry my 18-month-old because he was still unable to sit in a shopping cart.

After a while, that deflation moves into guilt. Guilt for feeling jealous, and still letting things get to me that shouldn’t. Guilt because I know we’re on a different timeline, and most days I’m steady with that knowledge, but I let something simple like sitting in a shopping cart slip through the cracks and get to me.

It’s a whole process I go through.
It’s a whole process I go through, that is until we reach this point.

These are photos from last weekend when we went shopping and sat Harrison in a shopping cart. As you can see, sitting up, smiling, looking around, and enjoying the ride. The same as any 2-year-old boy would be. 

I openly admit that I have times when I struggle. Where guilt, mourning, jealousy, and even defeat creep in. However, none of that ever takes away or keeps me from soaking up, appreciating, and cherishing moments like this. 

Life, in general, is a rollercoaster. We may have been given one with a few extra turns and loops in the path, but that just makes the calm moments and the high points (like that smile!) all the more important and sweeter.

Everything takes time. Everything is a process. Not everyone walks the same path, and I need to do better at reminding myself of that.

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