It’s crazy to think that it took us over 10 weeks for HG to have his first official baths, but we’ve finally made it!

We obviously couldn’t give our little guy a bath for the first two weeks because of his umbilical cord, but since he turned 2 weeks old, we’ve been dealing with casts. Now, with those casts removed we’re able to have bath time, and baby boy is loving it!!

After the casts were removed, the doctors emphasized that he’d be overly sensitive to things touching his bare feet and legs and that we’d have to work on desensitizing him. So I wasn’t expecting bath time to go this great the first few times. I expected more fussing and crying, at least for the first few baths. I mean he’s 10 weeks old and these are all new sensations to him. So it should at least take him a few times before he gets acclimated to it all, right?

Nope! Baby boy already loves the water and has zero issues with it. That is, until he starts getting the actual bath. Once playtime and exercising are over and it’s time to get clean, baby boy is no longer a fan!

He’s doing great though. Way beyond what I had anticipated. And he already loves kicking the water and floating on his back like a champ! (With us supporting his head and keeping his face above the water of course).

So here’s to bath time! Next stop: the pool this summer!!


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