As exhausting as it is proving to be, two weeks in and our trips to Greenville, SC are already proving beyond any doubt that they’re worth it!
Our second trip to Greenville Shriners proved to be just as great as the first.
I really don’t want to compare, but the treatment we’ve received at Greenville, compared to Lexington, has been beyond words. After weeks of unknowns and questioning what our next move needs to be, it’s a relief to be confident in our choices and that we are where we should be.
Greenville Shriners continues to impress us with their amazing team. HG made some great weight gains, and he is responding very well to the casting. The occupational therapists were very impressed with his range of motion, proving that our working with him and stretching is already showing progress and paying off.
After having a week of doubt and low points, it was nice having some positive news and continued signs of forwarding progress.
We’re already two weeks away from his last serial casting and having his tenotomy procedure to help with his club foot. Exciting times ahead.
Now, let’s talk about the rest of Greenville, SC.
Last weekend, we really didn’t have a chance to explore or take our time. Last weekend we had to rush back to pick up the two older kiddos. This weekend, however? We had time, and we took advantage.
First up, as a treat for a great appointment after a rough week, we followed the advice of our pediatrician and grabbed a piece of sweet potato cake from Brick St Cafe. I’m not sure if I should thank her or hate her for introducing me to this cake because now, this is the only cake I want! We’re talking dangerously good!
We also took the time to properly visit Falls Park. We made a quick stop last time, but this time, we did it right! HG got to try out his carrier for the first time too, and he handled that like a champ, despite just having been recast.
Falls Park is gorgeous, amazing, beautiful. It’s just exceptional! My wife has a genuine love of waterfalls. We’re talking she already has alternate routes home planned for us in the upcoming months just so we can stop and see some waterfalls. So having a waterfall, in the middle of the city we’re visiting, in the middle of this outstanding park was an unquestionable must!
On top of the amazing park, we’re fortunate enough to be visiting while the Wings of the City art exhibit is on display.
Created by Jorge Marín , Wings of the City was originally exhibited in Marín’s home country of Mexico. In 2013, it began its journey through the United States, with stops in Texas, Colorado and California. Greenville is the first city on the East Coast to host the exhibition.
Everything about Greenville and everything it represents, I love. I can’t wait for our next chance to explore.
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