Earlier this week was our latest trip to Greenville, SC, and to Shriners Children’s Greenville. Thankfully, this was a scheduled trip and was not a repeat of our last 12-hour round-trip visit.

Thankfully, by using this blog, I can keep track of just how many trips we’ve made, and without looking back, I know we’ve made plenty in the past +2 years, especially in the past month, and some change. But, you know you’ve made a ridiculous amount of Greenville trips recently when the hotel clerk recognizes you!

“You’re here every week! Same party? You, your wife, and a tiny person?”

“Yes ma’am! Same as always!”

Despite having it ready, she didn’t even waste her time asking to look at my license this time. Didn’t ask the customary questions. I checked into the hotel, and back out to the car, in easily under 3 minutes.

This scheduled visit back to Shriners Children’s Greenville was for another cast change. Unlike the last one, this change was planned from the beginning, as we continued to work on Harrison’s left knee contracture. Contractures can reoccur for various reasons and sometimes need serial casting to help stretch them out. So these casts are pulling double duty, stretching out his ankles and knees.

Just like with this most recent surgery, going through serial casting again was something we always anticipated having the revisit. Even after this round, there’s always the possibility we revisit serial casting for a third time in the future. Honestly, with this kid, who knows?

Dr. Hyer had the opportunity to examine Harrison this visit and was pleased with the flexibility of each foot and thought the incisions looked great. Everyone loved our solution of using tennis balls to keep Harrison from pulling out of his casts. It was a bit shocking to me that they had never seen that solution before. I didn’t think I was breaking new ground with that temporary solution, but the one nurse we had made sure to show Dr. Hyer what we had done.

We hope Harrison stays in his casts for the next two weeks, so we don’t have to go back to Greenville until our next appointment. This appointment will involve new AFOs and a few days of intensive therapy to continue working on getting Harrison up and on his feet.

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