It is summer, and with that comes summer break and vacation. Vacation this year found us at Hilton Head, SC, which gave us an opportunity on the way, to stop in Greenville and show the big kids their little brother’s home away from home.

With the heat, only being halfway to the beach, and fighting a cold, you can tell by these photos everyone was super excited and enjoyed themselves! 🤣

We were, however, able to win them back by introducing them to Sully’s Steamers!

All joking aside, the two teenagers didn’t care all that much that we were showing them Greenville, SC. They know we come down here to go to Shriners Children’s and their cares about it begin and end with that as long as their little bro is ok.

This slight detour was more for me than for them. I wanted them to see it. I wanted them to feel slightly less left out when we post and talk about Greenville. They’re 13 and 16. They don’t care about some random city in another state right now. I hope in the years to come; it helps them to at least be able to say that they too have been to Greenville. That this city we find ourselves in so often with their brother isn’t a complete mystery.

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