Today officially makes 9 months since HG came into the world.

We are officially 3/4 of the way through our baby boy’s first year!

And I’m first to admit that my monthly posts are getting a bit repetitive. (Technically Jenna was first to say it when I had her read the first draft of this post)

We’re 9 months in, and I’m going to see it through that I have monthly posts completed through the first year, but after that? Well, we’ll see.

For all of you amazing people that have kept up with our son’s progress and read all of Jenna’s concise updates and my long-winded posts, thank you. I’ll keep this one relatively short (for me).

The past month has basically been the spica cast show. Looking back, I don’t feel I’m off base saying this whole thing has been a lot harder on us than it has been for Harrison. Yes, sometimes he’s noticeably frustrated or uncomfortable, but for the bulk of the time, he seems unfazed. While you have the pair of us stressing over his position. Making sure he’s not sitting or laying too much. Obsessing with keeping the cast clean, and if the cast is smelly or not.

Seeing how he has been through this and reading posts from other parents online, I have a better understanding of why Dr. Hyer does this procedure so early in life; it’s easier on the kid. While Harrison is still not to the point of trying to walk. He has the opportunity to heal and for his hip to be aligned properly. When he tries to find his way onto his feet, he will know nothing but what he’s doing at that point. There’s nothing to unlearn and relearn by having the procedure this early.

Plus, being 8-9 months means he’s not as prone to be sitting around and bored, unable to do things he’d normally be doing as compared to say a 2-3-year-old.

And while I was a complete mess the month leading up to the surgery, I’m thankful that we had the opportunity to have the surgery now. When he’s this young and unable to remember it down the line. (We hope) Plus, HG runs hot! He’s a sweaty little boy, so having casts up past his waist during these cooler months vs the summer has proven to be a blessing in itself.

Outside of navigating his spica cast, really the only highlight has been HG’s first round of Thanksgiving meals. Coming from large families on both sides means baby boy had multiple family gatherings.

With us finally starting him on solids, he was able to enjoy Thanksgiving, not just as an observer, but as a participant. He was also finally able to hang out with his cousins, both older and younger.

Oh, and we’ve finally had a tooth breakthrough! (To his mother’s detriment)

We just have a Greenville visit to get through next week, and then we’re set to just enjoy the holidays and all the crazy running around that comes with large families and HG’s older siblings.

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