AMC and Me

As we continue to research and learn about AMC, I’m going to share things we come across here on the blog.  Not just for people to be able to find and use as a resource, but for us to have as well. Here is a short film about Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita in children.

On Your Left

Going back to the week we spent at the UK Children’s Hospital when the perfect gift with the perfect quote came into the NICU. We had already been at the NICU for a few days, and I had started to find my composure somewhat. Emotionally, I had to simply shut some things off. I had …

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The Last Day in the NICU

When your wife is a photographer, you’re guaranteed some amazing photos, and memories captured. While memories of being in the NICU may not be of the most cheerful kind, they do mark a few milestones. The thankfulness of the doctors and nurses at UK Children’s Hospital. The joy of finally being able to bring our …

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The Ultimate Nanny Dog

Penny the Shar-Pei is 3 years old. She’s normally a lazy, spoiled, wrinkly pup. When we found out we were expecting, my wife and I would talk about how we expected Penny to be once the baby was here. There’s zero question that Penny has her kids. Between my two older kids and my wife’s …

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The Hardest Question

The hardest question so far to answer hasn’t been about my son, or what the doctors are saying, or even how I’m doing. The hardest question to answer has been when someone asks how my wife is doing. The hardest question to answer isn’t just a question, but a weight I carry with me. The …

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