We’re entering summertime, which means pool time!

My brother-in-law recently opened his pool up for the season, and like any good nephew, HG tried it out as soon as he could!

Thankfully HG is proving to be quite the water dog! We plan on incorporating some aqua therapy down the road, and his apparent love for water has me looking forward to that even more.

He doesn’t cry; he’s not scared, as soon as he hits the water he’s kicking!

(Disclaimer: Mommy was holding while I took photos. HG may or may not have got his first (of what will undoubtedly numerous) mouthful of pool water.)

It’s not always easy looking ahead or looking forward to something because we never know what’s waiting for us around the next corner, but for now, I’m definitely looking forward to the summer and getting the baby boy out in the water!!

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