Our latest trip to Greenville was also our first trip, where our appointment was in the afternoon. A unique situation for us. We spent some time just driving around the city we’re slowly falling more and more in love with. With no plan or destination in mind, we just traveled up and down roads. We enjoyed our time admiring what felt like endless trails through the parks and the beautiful houses scattered throughout.

During our exploration, we stumbled upon a collection of dog statues scattered about a small grassy area with a walking path. We of course jumped out, not only to stretch our legs but to grab some photos of Harrison with the statues. What we had stumbled upon, quite by accident, was The Big Dog Show art exhibit that is being featured in the city of Greenville until July.

The Big Dog Show is a large-scale temporary art exhibition featuring artist Dale Rogers’ most beloved design, The American Dog. Since its original debut in 2009, this traveling public art collection has been featured in 22 shows in 11 different cities throughout the US.

The exhibit itself comprises 20 8ft by 10ft steel sculptures, created by Dale Roberts, a full-time metal sculptor from Massachusetts.

One of my favorite things about Greenville is that it seems they always have something going on. Just like with the Angel statues last year, we were completely unaware of this exhibit and just stumbled across it while out exploring. It’s things like this that always have us wishing we had more time to spend in Greenville during our visits.


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