The Slow Progress of Independence

A quick look behind the curtain…
Harrison has accomplished many things in his first year. He has made countless strides through his work and therapies. One thing he has been unable to do under his own power up to this point is to feed himself. No cookies, no bottles, or sippy cups.
While he continues to get stronger, he will undoubtedly find his own way of doing things.
This is a video from this past weekend. He has some arm movement and control when he is on his side. So I sat him on the floor (on a clean sheet) with some puffs within reach. I set my phone to record and walked away.
He doesn’t accomplish the task of getting anything to his mouth, this time but I have all the confidence in the world that he will find his (own) way to accomplish this goal in his own time.
Just the simple task of bringing a puff up onto his arm brings a tear to my eye. When he does manage to bring something to his mouth for the first time, I just hope I don’t scare him with my excitement! (Which I have over other things in the past)


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