Penny the Shar-Pei is 3 years old. She’s normally a lazy, spoiled, wrinkly pup. When we found out we were expecting, my wife and I would talk about how we expected Penny to be once the baby was here. There’s zero question that Penny has her kids. Between my two older kids and my wife’s niece, who Penny has adopted as her third, Penny has her crew. Penny is protective, attentive, and has a distinct presence to her when any of the kids are at the house. We knew Penny would be protective of HG once he was home. We knew he’d be her baby.
We could have never imagined her being how she has been.
When we finally came home from the hospital, she was, of course, excited to see us, as any dog would be. Yet, when I sat the car seat on the floor while, for the initial meet-and-greet, a completely new dog emerged.
From the moment that car seat touch the flood, we’ve had the ultimate nanny dog. Penny has never been around a baby before, yet she knew immediately. One sniff and she was ready for him to be out of the seat. She softly rooted against his blanket, not wanting him to be strapped in. That first day and night at home, poor Penny got the least amount of sleep out of any of us. HG had to be in her sight and unobstructed at all times!
Having him up on the changing table for a clean diaper? Unbelievably stressful!
Having him lay in his bed where she couldn’t get to him? Unacceptable!
This dog was in love the moment her baby came home.
The pictures, while giving a glimpse, truly do not show this dog’s love and awareness of her newest kid.
There is zero question. As long as Penny is on this Earth, HG has the very best of friends in her.

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