As always, HG is a trooper that handles everything that is thrown at him with a smile.
We have been able to find our groove with the spica cast and it has become our new norm. Handling him was awkward at first but it is second nature now! And Harrison’s amazing pain tolerance meant we were able to cut out pain medication a week after surgery!
PT is paused until the cast is removed but we were able to resume OT and speech therapy last week! We were so happy to be back at Hogg Therapy with our favorite therapists!
Harrison’s speech therapy session went amazingly well today. We purposefully took our time introducing food to him but he has surpassed every challenge. With the help of Miss Beth, we have been able to strengthen his bite, loosen tension in his jaw and cheeks, and set him up for successful eating experiences. He is doing so well, loves everything that has sweet potatoes in it and so far only hates peas! (Just like his Dad!)
Andri, with Thrive Studios, continues to impress us and didn’t miss a beat when it came to working around his cast. She left Harrison in a near-comatose state with her amazing abilities today! Her form of treatment involves light touches that continue to unlock his body and we are so thankful for her. He was also quite the chatterbox at the beginning of their session!
Now we look toward Thanksgiving and all the food!

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