Pre-op day!

It’s been hard to know what to say on here for everything going on today and tomorrow.

I’ve tried thinking about it ahead of time. To attempt at gaining some reverence of coherent thinking ahead of panicky dad-brain, but it’s just not been there.

In terms of pre-op days, it’s hard to imagine one going better to help dull the nerves than what we had today. The dulling may have proven to be temporary, but it was there. Just too much time between our last doctor’s visit this morning and the actual surgery tomorrow.

Our decision to come to the Greenville Shriners continues to find new ways to solidify that it was the right one.

Dr. Hyer is amazing. She knows her stuff and we’ve always been confident with HG in her hands. What gave us an extra sense of calmness today was talking to the anesthesiology, Dr. Wilhoit. Talk about a man that knows his stuff!!

I mean, he taught at Wake Forest and, ya know, just so happened to have authored an article a few years back on just our concern. So…yeah, the man knows his stuff!

We’ve had a few concerns hanging over our heads with this surgery and things related to HG’s condition. There was a worry about him being put under anesthesia. Dr. Wilhoit knew of what was concerning us as soon as we mentioned it and could ultimately dismiss it with what he knew of HG.

It gives you a momentary sigh of relief when a doctor tells you that something you’ve been stomach-wrenching worried over isn’t really a concern, but that he’s able to put together a plan around that concern and tailor it for HG.

I realize these people see AMCers daily. It’s why we make the drive. Why others not only drive farther than us but also fly in from across the US. The people here at Greenville Shriners know their stuff and are amazing.

Through the haze of worry, that’s the one thing I try to keep telling myself.

Harrison maybe 1 out of 3000 for most doctors, but here, he’s just another Monday.

After seeing doctors who were completely in the dark and unaware of what arthrogryposis even was. Being just another Monday is nice.

HG’s surgery will be a few hours long, so please keep him, us, and his team in your thoughts tomorrow.

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