Our first beach trip as a family of five is officially in the books!

Our week in Destin, Florida is complete, a while it was great to be at the beach and with the kids for seven straight days, it’s good to be home!

I could sit here and write about how exceptional a car ride baby HG continues to be. When traveling down, we stopped halfway, spending the night, which is when we checked out Noccalula Falls in Alabama before finishing our drive to Destin. Each leg of the drive proved to be around 5 hours. Not really a big deal for our seasoned Greenville visit, baby. However, the drive back was a bit more extended. To maximize our time at the beach while still getting HG’s older siblings back to their moms, we drove from Florida back to Kentucky through the night. As always, HG was a trooper, and ole Dad had to make more stops than our champion car riding baby.

The beach proved itself to be HG’s Achilles hill of sleeping, as the boy could not hang with the sound of the waves splashing. Fortunately, despite being in Florida the first full week of July, the weather proved to not be oppressive the entire time, allowing us to take HG out onto the sand nearly daily. Every visit we made proved to be something out of a Weekend at Bernie’s film! Our baby boy could not hang!!

We had moments of him being awake, and he seemed to enjoy the sand. Even having the texture of the sand against his hands and feet seems to be enjoyable for him. His feet, despite being in socks and AFOs nearly 23 hours a day, continue to prove to be not as sensitive as people warned us. HG almost seems to crave new sensations against his feet, which probably plays into this boy’s love of water! It does not matter if it is the tub, the shower, the pool, or the ocean. If it’s water, our baby boy loves it!

So while he won’t remember it, we proved to have a beach bum for a week.


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